Monoprint and Unique Print Gallery:
The computer has been a great tool enabling me to use my photographs, manipulate them, and transform them. Choosing bits and pieces of photographs I construct layers of abstraction that contain fragments of the original image. These images printed on artist’s paper are the first step toward creating my monoprints. The monoprint is the result of using the traditional printmaking process on top of the digital. Combining the photographic elements with printmaking methods unites two very different mediums. The “clean” process of working on the computer followed by the “dirty” hands-on printmaking process is a wonderful way of creating a one-of-a-kind image.

Collage Gallery:
When doing printmaking there are many prints that are discarded. Taking these discards, cutting them up, rearranging them, I transform them into new art, the collages.

Digital Prints Gallery:
Because of airline and other restrictions I no longer can carry my art supplies with me when traveling. So I take my iPad with me instead. The digital images shown here are created using various apps with my photographs and other art.

Oil Paintings Gallery:
The monoprints and collages become the subject matter of my paintings which become more abstract. The photographic image used in the prints is further removed from its source and becomes less recognizable. This process of starting with a photograph of a real object or place and changing it until it becomes something else fascinates and challenges me. Working in a series format, I am able to produce a body of work that includes paintings, prints, and collages.