Tznius Police (Tzniut Series)

Tzniut is a Hebrew word that means modesty. When used in connection with women, it is usually understood to mean “physical modesty.” In contemporary times a woman observing the practice of tzniut is also one who wears sleeves and skirts that cover most of her body. Yet Miriam believes tzniut has layers of meaning beyond the physical. It is these layers of meaning and the questions they provoke that this series probes.

How we feel about ourselves when we dress a certain way, and how do others perceive us. What do “modest” clothes reveal or mask? Does tzniut have value today, and what can we learn from its observance?

Using images of models and pop stars whose usual manor of dress would not qualify as tzniut, helps Miriam bring some of these questions to the fore. Does covering up the body with long sleeves and skirts make you a modest person? What else is needed? And, is this something to strive for?